Delightful and Distracting Critters in Australia

These hat’s with corks handing from their brims were worn to help prevent the tiny pesky flies from flying in to every orifice. There was also a noisy kookaburra bird sitting in the trees adjacent to the courts, who would never stay quiet during play. The bird made a croaking “coocoocooo” and skreeching noise reminiscent of Guatemala’s howler monkeys. Needless to say these things were VERY distracting!

Regardless, I focused and was able to beat my friend Elsie Crowe (#1seed) , an Australian who beat me in the World Championship in the 80’s division finals in Christ Church in 2007, 6-2, 6-4! My opponent in the finals, was Betty Howard from Great Britain who lost 6-1, 6-4! Both ladies were members of their county’s prestigious cup teams and I was ecstatic to be victorious over them!

I brought my prize of champagne to my roommates to share, and ventured on a ferry to Rottnest Island seeking the cute, smiling Quokka who feeds on plants, shrubs, and flowers. Tourists flock there for “selfies” with the adorable member of the kangaroo family. I was grateful to get up close and comfy with the creature who is comfortable with strangers having few predators on the Island.

Seeing those animals and the beautiful landscapes was a glorious finale to my time in Australia!

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